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About our Spokesmodels

Our puppies Abigail & Mia Rose are very important to us.

abigailandmiarose.pngAbigail is Carole's 12 yr old Papillion (Papillion for her beautiful butterfly ears). Abigail is the company CEO... "Chief Entertainment Officer". She welcomes all who enter.

She is the good will ambassador of the company with a mind mannered and stately demeanor. She remains calm, collected and quiet amidst even the most stress filled occasions

She is also the mentor for her younger and fiesty sister, Mia Rose. However, this was not always the case. Abigail did not want to relinquish her stardom when Jakki rescued Mia Rose and hired her as Capco's mascot.

image-115.jpgimage-116.jpgMia Rose is our sandy, long haired Chihuahua and the namesake of our new retail package line. This came about by accident when Trade Marking our retail package line. Mia, coincidentally has Carole's middle name - Rose, and so the leap was made. Together Abigail and Mia Rose prepare and present all of the news releases and memos for Capco.